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 2018 What's On 4 Kids Awards Questions & Answers...

Can I get nominated in more than one award category? 

kids award photo
kids awards photo

Yes as long as you qualify – please read the award category description carefully  

Can we sponsor the awards?

Yes all awards are open for sponsorship from any business including activity providers BUT there will be category restrictions - email mel@whatson4.co.uk for more information

Can I nominate / vote for myself? 

You can self nominate but not vote for yourself

Can people nominate more than once?

Yes you can nominate in all the categories. Each nomination must be made separately as you can only choose one award category each time.

Can people vote more than once?

You can vote in multiple award categories but only one time so if you want to vote in several different award categories make sure you do them all together

Can I nominate / vote via email?

No, please use the online nomination & voting forms so we can ensure we collect all necessary data

Can I vote on behalf of my class/group/members?

No – IP addresses will be monitored & multiple votes or nominations from one address may be disregarded

How many nominations do I need in each award category to go through?

1 nomination in each award category is required to progress to the voting stage

How can I generate nominations/votes?

Via your social media, word of mouth, via your local & regional media, newsletters, by encouraging all your supporters & clients - past & present & do keep reminding – parents are busy people!

Get some press? Make sure you send us a copy & we can promote for you!

Where should I display the logo?

Everywhere!  Posters, flyers, business cards, email sign off, on your website, on your social media, via your blog etc. Start using the logo as soon as it is received & of course you may continue to display it once the awards have closed. Please note the displaying of the logo is part of the Awards Terms & Conditions

When do nominations & voting start & end?

Please see awards page - http://www.whatson4littleones.co.uk/awards.asp for the timeline

Do I have to attend to be a winner?

Yes – all finalists need to attend if they are to be announced as the winner or highly commended. In exceptional circumstances please contact the organisers

Can I send a representative to attend on my behalf?

This is up to the discretion of the organisers but yes in some circumstances you can send a representative to attend in your place

Are children permitted?

As these are business awards, usually children are not encouraged to attend but exceptions may be made, subject to the discretion of the organisers

How can I get tickets to attend?

You will be sent details if you are through to the final stages

Can I bring guests?

Yes, you can bring guests & information will sent as above

How can I best advertise my business during the awards & benefit from the increased traffic to the sites & media attention?

Please visit our ‘Advertise With Us’ page for a general overview of promotional opportunities. You can also view our Media Kit on this page. Alternatively, email mel@whatson4.co.uk for prices and suggestions bespoke to your business.  We have a reach of over 100,000 parents each month during the awards – including over 40,000 followers on social media.

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