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Awards Sponsor Blackcurrant Babies

Blackcurrant Babies are proud sponsors of Best Franchised/Licensed Pre-Schooler Activity

Your brands into mums’ hands -  Blackcurrant Babies is a sampling and distribution media agency, working with selected partners providing a network of mums open to sampling and providing feedback. From brand-to-hand product sampling and parental product engagement, sponsorship opportunities, through to bespoke targeted marketing solutions.  We work with National chains and Privately-run mother-and-baby networks, with extended reach into nurseries, playgroups, leisure centres throughout the UK.  Let us raise awareness for your brand by giving children and parents the opportunity to interact directly with your brand: see it, touch it, feel it, play with it; or via bespoke campaigns, targeted sampling and focused feedback. Mums discuss it, try it, and very often report back again at the next meeting! We engage your brand with a highly captive and targeted audience by putting your brands into mums’ hands  so that they can choose to put it on that week’s shopping list!

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