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We love activities for our children! There are so many benefits for both you and your children and you can start from when they are babies and continue up to school age and beyond. One of the main reasons many parents go to activities is the chance for you and your children to socialise with other local parents and children. It's never too early to start!

With all activities and classes we advise calling beforehand to check times, costs. and availability. Why not ask if you can come along to try the class before committing to a number of sessions? We hope this gives you a feel for the different activities available. Have fun

Academic Classes

Usually from pre-school age up, these classes introduce early academic subjects like maths and reading in a fun way to keep little ones interested. Click here to find Academic Classes in your region now.

Antenatal classes and courses

Before your baby even arrives there are a huge choice of classes and courses to help your physical and emotional well-being during pregnancy. Click here to find courses in your region now.  To keep active you could try aquanatal classes or pregnancy yoga. And to help understand the changes to your body during pregnancy and get all the facts about labour and breastfeeding you can contact your health visitor or the NCT.

Art & Craft / Messy Play

activity creation artsThe benefits of sharing creative play with your child are well documented, it builds many of the essential core skills, including problem, understanding their world and social skills which all help to build a strong foundation for each developmental step.

However, it can be tricky providing your baby or toddler with hands-on arts and crafts activities at home. As busy parents we can all struggle with ideas, time or energy.  That’s precisely why art, craft and messy play groups like The Creation Station have been established - to give you quality, fun, creative experiences with your child in a safe, nurturing and friendly environment. It's the perfect solution for all your child's creativity needs, with no stress or mess for you!  Not only do you share some great creative fun with your child, the classes are very social and full of laughter and giggles too Click here to find classes in your region now.

Baby Ballet

Ballet dance classes allow babies, toddlers and young children to enjoy the physical and social benefits of baby balletballet, song and dance in a safe, caring, positive and informal environment. Using a combination of music, movement and props, the class is a musical sensory experience for grown-ups and their babies to enjoy together with a real focus on learning through play.

Award winning babyballet® classes are for children from 6 months to school age.  From 6 months the class is a very gentle introduction to the class environment.  As the syllabus progresses the children in Tinies (18 months to 3 years) are encouraged to develop their movement and communication skills on their own but still with their grown-up close by. The basics of ballet are introduced through bespoke babyballet® songs, classic nursery rhymes, imaginative stories and musical instruments. Click here to find classes in your region now.

Baby Disco

Baby disco is a great way to introduce your baby and young children to different genres of music and dance. It's a great social event and good way for parents to meet other parents and children to meet new friends. Dance is a great form of exercise for you and your child. Baby Disco is a family event so the whole family can join in dads included. Click here to find dance sessions in your region now.

Baby Massage

Suitable from birth, baby massage has been proven to help with a host of infant issues such as colic and sleep, as well as helping your baby's developing body systems to thrive. Infant massage is also wonderful for parents to bond and communicate with their babies even from the early days. Baby massage can be taught individually or in groups, which means it is also a lovely way to meet other parents with their babies and make life-long friendships. Find a Baby Massage class near you here.

Baby Signing

Imagine if instead of screaming your baby was able to tell you exactly what was wrong or what they wanted. Using simple sign language with your baby could open up a window into your child’s mind. Moreover you will learn a beneficial skill and entertain your baby! The most frequently asked question about this growing phenomenon is “will signing with my baby inhibit their speech?” Research shows, that in fact the opposite is true - baby signing provides a platform for your baby to develop language and it also reduces frustration. Meet like-minded parents and experience for yourself the benefits and joys of signing with your baby. Click here to find Baby Signing groups in your region now.

Baby & Toddler Group

A great all round activity that helps you also meet parents in the local area. Often run by volunteers and held in church halls and other community buildings. They are also very good value and are sometimes free. Hartbeeps Kids Awards SponsorRefreshments are usually provided. They usually provide a good assortment of toys and have other activities such as painting or craft available. Expect to finish with some songs!

Happiness, confidence building, language development, brain development, fine and gross motor development and so much more are all covered as part of our well researched programmes. We take a 'multi-approach' to fun and learning and deliver all our sessions with love and magic sprinkles to a backdrop of contemporary musical classes suitable from birth. Click here to find toddler groups in your region now.

Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga teaches gentle soft stretches and yoga inspired movements that can assist your baby's neural development and build his or her sensory-motor skills. Practising baby yoga from the early days can also help with a host of issues such as digestion, colic, immunity and sleep. Attending a baby yoga course is also great for mothers to get back into shape safely as it will include gentle post-natal stretches for mums. Baby yoga classes will also give mothers and babies the opportunity to genuinely relax - perhaps the most precious gift in the early days of parenthood! Click here to find Baby Yoga sessions in your region now.


A great way for your little one to learn about food and the joy of cooking - and of course eating! Introduce difference ingredients and simple cooking techniques in a fun way and no clearing up. For slightly older children (3years +). Click here to find classes in your region now.


Young children love to run, jump, hop and skip, gallop, swirl, sway and spin.  As curious, impulsive explorers, learning all the time, the dancing class is an ideal environment for pre-school children to flourish, discovering where and how their bodies move.  Dancing to music develops sensitivity to sounds, melody and rhythm and an understanding of the relationship between body movements and music.
The Melody Movement Early Learning curriculum not only aids physical development and co-ordination, but introduces pre-school children to fundamental skills such as counting, colour, number and social skills.    Early exposure to the dancing class environment helps children acquire skills and attitudes kids dance classesthat will stay with them through to their adult life encouraging a healthy physical lifestyle.
Melody Bear classes are taught by professional dance teachers at dancing schools across the UK. Click here to find dance classes now.


Drama, dance and singing are proven to help build confidence and social skills in all children as well as being lots of fun so don't think these classes are just for little starlets. Traditionally for slightly older children (usually 4+), there are also lively and colourful sessions for babies and toddlers that can help developments such as crawling, walking and talking. Some offer a free trial session to try out the class. Click here to find drama classes in your region now.


An early opportunity to learn football-inspired skills as well as developing fitness and co-ordination. Equally as relevant to boys and girls! Click here to find football classes in your region now.



We're told that the younger you learn a language the better and languages will now be part of the primary school curriculum. Some classes start as young as 2 and 1/2 years and include action songs and games to make learning fun! 

It is now commonly understood that teaching children languages from an early age really helps them to excel through their school years as it also helps their development in other subjects, enhancing their speech and understanding of their own language as well as increasing their confidence and overall cognitive development.

Click here to find language classes in your region now.


Gymnastics and movement classes for little ones often feature soft play equipment, climbing apparatus and structured games and activities. There are even classes for tiny babies which feature sensory exploration and gentle movement designed to stimulate baby in new ways. Some classes are offered in community venues and others take place in dedicated gymnastic centres. Click here to find gymnastics groups in your region now.

Horse Riding

Usually from 3+, and a good riding school will help build riding confidence and respect for the horses. Click here to find courses in your region now.

Library Activities

These are usual free sessions and introduce your children to books with the aid of songs and actions. Click here to find Library Activities in your region now.


Dancing and physical movement is suitable for any child as it improves both physical and mental well-being, releasing endorphins which are the body's natural 'feel good' chemicals, helping maintain physical fitness as well as helping to prevent and combat obesity and diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes in later life. Allowing children, mainstream or special needs, to learn through music, movement and mime is of fantastic benefit. Click here for a class in your region now.

Music Classes

Music classes are an excellent way to keep your child amused and focused, building vital skills for the future. Classes are highly educational, great fun and everyone makes new friends! 

At Jo Jingles we offer really funbest instruments for toddlers music and movement sessions for babies and children aged 3 months to 5 years. Our weekly themed programmes are carefully developed to be age appropriate, and structured to work in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children instinctively move when they hear music and research suggests that physical movement is important for brain development. Various studies show that memory of words and music are further enhanced by physical movement and singing. Research even suggests that the earlier music is introduced to a child the more potential that child will have for learning.

Click here to find music classes in your region now.

Pre-schools/Play Groups

As forerunners to "big school" these groups help your child's transition to school. Often held in community building, you can usually leave your child for around 3 hours in the care of OFSTED registered groups. A lot of pre-schools and play groups are charities so you could even get involved on the committee with fundraising and supporting the day-to-day running.


It's important to take time for you after your baby is born and one of the ways to do this is by attending postnatal exercise. You do need to ensure that your Doctor has agreed you are physically ready to start exercising again but the postnatal exercises will help ensure you don't over do it! Some classes are available that you can do with your baby PLUS pushchair! Click here to find courses in your region now.

Pottery Painting

Pottery Painting combines fun with a making a lovely present for family members! You can start with doing baby handprints and footprints on plates and then let older children just have fun painting a piece of art! You will treasure these items forever! Most studios cater for very young children and often provide refreshments as well. Click here to find courses in your region now.

Rugbysponsor of rugby ruggerbugs

“Football is a gentleman's game played by hooligans, Rugby is a hooligans game played by gentlemen” Unknown. 

Why is this? The two sports are both physically active and similar in their strategy, in fact Rugby evolved from “the beautiful game”. In the current world the major differences can be found in their ethos and core values.

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) actively promotes its core values of Teamwork, Respect, EnjoymRugby For Kidsent, Discipline and Sportsmanship. These core values are treasured and pushed through at all levels from the England 1st XV to market leaders in children’s development specialists like RUGGERBUGS.

The RUGGERBUGS “Head Start”™ Programme is a structured physical play programme aimed at boys and girls aged 18 months to six years inspired by non-contact rugby. It is designed to promote a FUN and positive introduction to sport and fitness from an early age.

This unique programme assists with your child’s Early Years Foundation Stage Development and centres on developing and enhancing basic levels of movement, self-awareness and social interaction through running, jumping, catching and throwing games as well as introducing your child into the basic fundamentals of rugby (passing, catching, evasion and kicking) in a FUN and stimulating environment. Click here to find classes in your region now.

Science for KidsMini Professors

Science on a kid's level is all about bringing facts and laboratory tests to life! Classes are now available around the UK which make learning about science a fun - and interactive - experience, whilst being highly educational too.

Mini Professors are the first science program that has been designed specifically for preschool children. Our 40 minute themed sessions make science fun and enjoyable for pre-school children. With 72 different topics spanning 2 years, your child will learn something new each week ranging from microscopic creatures to chromatography or making clouds. Mini Professors get to wear their own mini lab coats and learn about the basic principles of scientific experimentation, whilst having loads of fun and generally getting stuck in.

Click here to search for a class near you and come and experience the fun of learning science at Mini Professors!

Sensory Play

Sensory play is crucial to baby learning and development from birth. Sensory play fuels healthy brain development and is an essential component for normal intellectual and physical development.

At Baby Sensory, our multi-award winning classes will introduce you and your baby to a world of senBaby Sensorysory delights, where the two of you can relax, spend quality time with each other and enjoy meeting other new parents. Specifically designed from birth, the programme is packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, signing and massage – and you’ll never experience the same class twice.

Baby Sensory is magicalworld, full of glowing balls, light shows, puppets, bubbles, petals, rainbows, even an underwater experience of breathtaking imagination. Everything we do is backed by scientific research, carefully designed with your baby’s development in mind, and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge.

Click here to find your nearest sensory play class.

Soft Play/Activity Centres

A good place to burn off some energy! Soft Play or Activities Centres are usually at a permanent location and cater for a wide age group with specificarea for young children. They have a range of climbing equipment, slides, ball pens and may also have play houses.Usually they have a café for you to relax in!

Speech and Communication

Somewhere around your child’s first birthday, they’ll amaze you with their first word. Chances are that word will soon be followed by a second and a third word – and before you know it, your little one will be chattering away so much you can hardly get a word in edgeways! However, new research shows that almost half of all children arriving at primary school don’t have the communication skills they need to learn effectively.

It is however possible to boost your child’s communication skills and social confidence through the right combination of encouragement, play and practice. Click here to find classes to help with speech and communication in your region now.

Sport and Fitness

There is a wider range of general sport and fitness classes than ever before including aerobics classes and introduction to sports of all kinds. Encourages an interest in physical activity at an early age and develops fitness and co-ordination. Click here to find courses in your region now.

Swimmingbaby swimming

It’s never too early to introduce your baby to swimming - even the tiniest babies develop physically, emotionally and mentally when they go swimming.  Out of all the activities you may choose for your child, we highly recommend taking your baby swimming regularly because it gives them confidence in the water and teaches them an important life skill – plus it is a great bonding experience and it’s FUN!

Konfidence support a little one’s journey from baby swimming through to learning to how to swim by offering a range of products that enhance the experience and help to keep them safe, warm and comfortable while they gain water confidence. Furthermore all of their products have been continuously developed in partnership with parents and swimming teachers, from their multi-award winning range of baby swimming products. Their Original Konfidence Jacket is the number one learn to swim jacket with adjustable buoyancy in Europe, an essential piece of holiday kit for children aged from 18 months – and gives parents added peace of mind at the pool and beach too.  Click here to find swimming lessons in your region now.

Walking & Nature

Walking is the perfect way to introduce your children to the great outdoors and provides entertainment, education and physical activity all at the same time! Anyone can go from babies to grandparents and there area multitude of walks suitable for pushchairs, papooses and little legs. There is nothing to stop you taking the baby out for a walk from birth and this is a great way for new mums to regain their pre-pregnancy fitness. Or use up some of your toddlers boundless energy exploring secret woods and hidden glens - and it's all for free! Click here to find activities in your region now.